Awesome Honeymoon Tips

A honeymoon is the quintessential celebration of the union of two individuals committed to spending their entire lives together.  It can mean a trip to a far-away exotic destination or be a car drive away to a beach house or mountain cabin.  Many couples, for financial and other reasons, are electing to delay honeymoons until the first wedding anniversary. Given the exorbitant costs of many weddings today, this can be a very financial prudent decision. Follow these recommendations from the travel professionals to ensure your honey moon is the trip of a lifetime.  You might even elect to return on our fifth wedding anniversary.


Advance planning is the key to the success of the trip. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a quality set of luggage from Orvis. Quality luggage can last for decades if well taken care of. You should plan to book travel arrangements and accommodations as early as possible. Traditionally, the groom selected the destination, but many couples today are making that decision together. The internet is a terrific tool for researching accommodations, reading reviews and making a careful selection.

So much time and energy went into planning an amazing wedding day. On your honeymoon, make plans to talk in earnest about your actual marriage. How will you handle disagreements? What kind of parent can you imagine yourself being? Do you have one or more common goals that you’re working towards? What will you both do to make them a reality? Presumably you decided to get married out of love and respect for one another, but deepening the conversation level and sharing your hopes and dreams is what will bind you together as a couple for years to come. Take the opportunity on your honeymoon to enjoy deep conversations about your future together.  Congratulations to you and your new partner in life!